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Developing Online Learning Tools

A big advantage in studying computer-aided graphics design is that you can relatively easily visualize the structures with which you are working. Seeing and manipulating these structures also helps students and other enthusiasts grasp the underlying mathematical concepts more quickly.

Hence, we would like to develop a set of online learning tools aimed at helping people experiment and analyze basic constructions in our field. To meet this goal, we are looking for a student software development assistant that will setup the workflow and implement a few simple tools as a proof of concept.


  • Programming skills in C++ and web technologies, such as CSS and jQuery.
  • Basic understanding of OpenGL/WebGL.
  • Comfort with Linux and working with the console.
  • Interest in CAGD and developing graphics applications.


If you have any questions, feel free to come by Room 127 (50.34) or Room 128 (50.34) to discuss the details or send your resume to

Hartmut Prautzsch (prau∂ira.uka.de).