The Applied Geometry Group

is part of the Institute for Visualization and Data Analysis and focuses on Computer Aided Geometric Design, i. e., on algorithmic, numerical solutions for geometric problems arising in mechanical engineering, computer graphics, architecture, robotics, image analysis, geography. Its primary interests lie on the representation, modelling, evaluation, analysis, reconstruction, and simulation of curves, surfaces and spatial objects. Main tools investigated for this purpose are splines, meshes and subdivision as described in the following:


book-boehm-paluszny-prautzsch_2002.png book-boehm_1994.png book-boehm-prautzsch_1993.png book-boehm-prautzsch_2002.png book-journal_computer_aided_geometric_design.png

Many enjoy our paper models:

Paper Models

and if you thought that Bézier polygons are unique, ponder about this conjecture:

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